Pleese Foods is a plant-based cheese company founded by Kobi & Abev Regev.  Not satisfied with the products available on the market, the couple created a delicious alternative to dairy cheese that would stand the scrutiny of the pickiest eaters of them all... New Yorkers and children. At first, Kobi & Abev wanted to launch with their own pizzeria, "KOBEV's Plant-Based Pizza," but after doing research they realized that they would have a much more meaningful impact on the planet if they launched their products in restaurants and grocery stores. They named their plant-based cheese Pleese, because their dream is to hear people order pizza, with extra Pleese!



Each tree reduces half a ton of CO2 from our atmosphere.

For every case of Pleese sold, a tree is planted by the National Forest Foundation.

Together we can put environmental sustainability into action by supporting the reforestation of our National Forests