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When Kobi and Abev Regev switched to a plant-based diet in 2014, there was one thing they missed more than anything else: grabbing slices of pizza at their favorite restaurants.

As New Yorkers, they were disappointed that the cheese alternatives on the market couldn't replicate the authentic New York pizza experience.

Frustrated by life without their favorite comfort food, they decided to do something about it.

At first, Kobi and Abev wanted to launch their own pizzeria,

"KOBEV's Plant-Based Pizza," but research revealed they would have a much more meaningful impact on the planet if they launched Pleese® in restaurants and grocery stores.

From there, Pleese Foods was born.

Our mission? To make sure no kid, no matter their age, has to settle for the "weird" pizza at a party.


Our Goal? To make the most functional alternative to dairy cheese that meets the perfect trifecta of taste, texture and melt.

Pleese Foods products are all natural, vegan, kosher and perfect for people avoiding dairy, soy or nuts due to allergies or dietary restrictions.

Pleese® cheese has been tested and approved by the harshest food critics, picky eaters and kids from all age groups. Today, it's Kobi and Abev's dream to hear everyone order pizza with extra Pleeeeeese!

Pizza with Pleese and HLP Pep.jpg



Each tree reduces half a ton of CO2 from our atmosphere.

For every case of Pleese sold, a tree is planted by the National Forest Foundation.

Together we can put environmental sustainability into action by supporting the reforestation of our National Forests


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