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Pleese® is a revolutionary plant based cheese developed by New Yorkers to melt perfectly on pizza and all your favorite comfort foods. We carefully craft Pleese® using all natural ingredients like Faba Beans and Potato Proteins with traditional methods, but it's Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and Free of Cashews, Almonds or any kind of GMO. Our refined Coconut Fat is allergen friendly and we use it because the only vegan alternative is Palm Oil, and we simply don't think it's sustainable. 

Pleese Foods, is a family business founded by a couple of New Yorkers that became vegan but couldn't live without pizza. They quickly realized they weren't alone because millions of people are either lactose intolerant or suffer from severe food allergies. Their mission is simple, no kid, should have to settle for the "weird pizza" at a party. 


Best Results For Pizza:

Pre-heat oven to 525F for at least 30 minutes. Spread your favorite pizza dough on a pan, add sauce and place shredded Pleese® on top of sauce. Feel free to add your favorite toppings on top, and lightly drizzle olive oil all over the pizza. 

Place pizza in pre-heated oven for 10-14 minutes until you reach desired level of crust crispness. 

Pro-Tip For Prepping Pleese® Shreds For Home Use:

Place shreds into large bowl, drizzle some olive oil, adding garlic salt and all your favorite spices. Mix together in bowl and then apply to pizza or favorite dish. 


Pro-Tip for Lasagna, Macaroni And Other Dishes:

Use pan on a stove top to pre-melt Pleese® shreds. 

Allow 2 Tablespoons of water to boil on high heat and switch medium to low heat when water begins to bubble. Place liberal amount of Pleese® shreds in pan and begin to mix shreds until they melt. Once completely melted add to favorite dish. Works beautifully layered in lasagna.

Freezing Instructions:

While Pleese® does preform better when kept refrigerated, we do realize that a bulk bag might be a lot for the average user and have gotten a lot of questions about freezing it. Place full bag or portioned out bags of Pleese® in freezer, making sure that is no air in the portioned bags.  For best results allow to thaw for 24 hours before use, and make sure to use within 3 days after thawing. The difference we have found is that there is less "stretch" when thawed, but people have been happy with the results. Discard if shreds experience "freezer burn" or in other words, the shreds are covered in frost when frozen for a long time. 

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